Not much to write about today so I thought I would touch on a controversial topic that has been on my mind this week. Ready?


(Law and Order pendulum)

Craiglist is used for many things by many different people. Some people like to find used furniture there. Some enjoy the romantic connections they’re likely to encounter. I have been using it a little more selectively if you must know. After reading this story I think you will too.

Thats right. Some guy traded his way all the way to a house out of one measly old red paperclip. It was an oversized jumbo novelty paperclip but hey, a HOUSE. Thats a huge improvement. I’ve decided that I’ll be doing the same thing with some old electronics I have lying around. So far I’ve got an old wax vape I’m no longer using and a few old phones. Let’s see if I can unload any of this junk onto someone who will use it. Then I’ll trade that junk for something more valuable! And repost it here! Can’t wait? Niether can I!

Stay tuned!